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The arrested shares of three joint stock companies will be offered for sale in the trading system of OJSC «Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange OJSC» by the State Committee on Property.

The State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus will offered 3601 simple (ordinary) shares of OJSC «BPS-Sberbank», 16 shares of OJSC «Volkovysky Meat Processing Plant», 15000 shares of OJSC «Minsk Experimental Fittings Plant» for sale in the trading system of the OJSC «Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange» on each Wednesdays since 24 July 2019.

Arrested shares, that the State Committee on Property puts up for exchange trading, are shares of open joint-stock companies arrested on account of repayment of debt to the republican and (or) local budget, as well as reimbursement of expenses for the maintenance of children in state support.

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