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State Property Committee of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee (hereafter – Gomel Property Committee) holds auctions for the sale of real estate in the Gomel and Zhlobin districts. The initial price is 1 base units (25.5 BYN). The initial price is reduced on 20% in the city of Mozyr and Vetkovsky district. Also, a land plot is leased for a period of 50 and 55 years without charging a fee for the right to lease in Yelsky and Rechitsa districts.

The building of the weaving shop can be purchased at auction in Neglyubka, Vetkovsky district on 29 August  2019 (total area of 228.2 sq.m). The initial price of this property is reduced by 20% and starts from 2.1 thousand BYN.

Gomel Property Committee also scheduled dates for the next September auctions:

Gomeloblimuschestvo will hold its first autumn auction in 2019 on 3  September, where a warehouse for storage of materials with an area of 88.3 square meters in the Yelsky district in the village of Zasintsi with a land plot of 0.1604 hectares, as well as a complex of buildings located on the territory of the former Rechitsa forestry in the Rechitsa district, Peresvyatovsky village council, 25 with a total area of more than 1.6 thousand square meters with a land plot of about 3 hectares can be purchased. Land plots for real estate are leased for a period of 50 and 55 years without charging a fee for the right to lease a land plot necessary for servicing these objects;

Three real estate objects are put up for auction on 10 September 2019:  the price of one is reduced on 20% and the price of two objects  is the base unit. A non-residential building ( total area of 586.9 sq.m; an initial selling price is  97.5 thousand BYN) (reduced by 20%) is saled in Mozyr (Address: 2A Kotlovets St.). Administrative building (184.2 sq.m) in the Zhlobin district in the village of Radush and a two-story building of the village council (442.8 sq.m) in the village of Old Dyatlovichi in the Gomel district. These buildings can be purchased for only 25.5 BYN (1 base unit).

State Committee on Property emphasizes that if real estate is purchased for 1 base unit, certain conditions must be met such as: the purchaser carries out entrepreneurial activity using the acquired property for at least 3 years, and there is a prohibition on disposal of such objects, including by selling real estate for 3 years.

More detailed information on real estate offered for auctions can be obtained on the website of the Gomel Property Committee
website of the Gomel Property Committee  in the section "Calendar of auctions" or by phone: +375 232 70 38 49, +375 232 70 36 43.

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