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Innovations in the Procedure for Registration of Real Estate in Belarus

Came into effect amendments to the law. Now it is not necessary to personally register an apartment or land. And a facilitator can do it. Whom can Belarusians entrust property issues, how will the new procedure affect the cost of services?

Olga Anischenko says about registration in a new way.

Minsk City Agency for State Registration and Land Cadaster works almost non-stop. Hundreds of people wait to legalize the house, get a technical passport or a certificate about your property and this work takes time. But now the facilitator can make all this paper work.

Who will fulfill this role? First, lawyers and notaries. They are the main assistants in concluding transactions. Local executive committees are important assistants where there is no notary office. Realtors will also become facilitators. Real estate sellers will prepare all the documents at the same time. And also - housing and garage associations, horticultural partnerships, as well as banks (in case of a mortgage agreement). And, of course, developers. What is important, the procedure of real estate registration is still made by Minsk City Agency for State Registration and Land Cadaster. The customer risks nothing. Facilitators are needed to save time for their client.

For example, realtors will act in the same way. It was noted that transactions will be possible directly in the offices of real estate agencies. Those who will work as a facilitator will get an indisputable competitive advantage in the market. And the consumer will appreciate the convenience. Another question is how much will this service cost. Experts says that facilitators can earn, but not all. Realtors have strictly regulated prices. But the banks have more freedom.

Certainly, not all lawyers, bankers or developers will provide facilitation services as the law doesn’t oblige. On the other hand, everyone can express their desire to become a facilitator for this there are no obstacles.

So everything is simple: one registers and one gets the status. It's another matter whether everyone is ready to undertake additional obligations today? But the initiators of the amendments are sure: potential facilitators will have to acquire new knowledge to work without mistakes in the struggle for the client. An important point is that a facilitator is not an obligation, but a citizen's right. According to the law people have a choice - to use  facilitator services or to visit personally to the agency.

But even in this case it will become more convenient. The citizen don’t have to go out of town to formalize the right to a house in the village. But the principle of work has so far been realized only within the regional centers. But the territorial approach to registration of transactions will soon be abolished throughout the country. (Information provided by BELTA)

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