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"Geographical Atlas of the Teacher" became the best in the nomination "Publication" among the competitors of the national awards "Crystal Compass" (Russia)

The fifth jubilee ceremony of the national award "Crystal Compass" was held on May 19, 2017 in Sochi, in the concert hall of the "Galaxy" center. 

This year, a record number of projects was submitted for the award of geography and ecology - 389. Applications were received from 68 regions of Russia, as well as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Monaco, Norway and the USA. 

Prepared by RUE "Belcartografiya" of the State Committee on Property "Geographical Atlas of the Teacher" became the best in the nomination "Publication". 

In the atlas presents more than 700 maps, charts, diagrams, tables and illustrations. The book allows the reader to understand the geographical patterns of the Earth's nature, to reveal the features of the manifestation of natural phenomena and socio-economic processes in the world, to comprehend the natural components and economies of continents, individual states, regions and countries. 

In the autumn of last year, the book entered many educational institutions of Belarus. The first print run of 3,500 copies was completed by school and university libraries in early October, on the Day of Teachers. 

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