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Belarusian Integrated Service and Estimated System (BISES)

Belarusian Integrated Service and Estimated System (BISES) is a complex of information systems and resources designed to identify users (individuals and legal entities) using identification cards (ID-cards) in order to provide them with electronic services (including administrative procedures).

The creation of BISES is an important step on the way to e-government, which will become a link between citizens, business and government in the digital world. BISES will facilitate and simplify the dialogue by reducing the bureaucratic requirements for the provision of electronic services and revising its internal processes taking into account the use of modern digital solutions.

Main components of BISES:
  1. Unified identification system for individuals and legal entities (identification system), including the client program. The identification system is designed to provide information systems of various public organizations and other organizations of the Republic of Belarus with identification/authentication services and work with Electronic Digital Signature;
  2. Software contained on the ID-card for identification purposes and the use of an electronic digital signature (cryptographic authentication token);
  3. Complex that implements the service of electronic digital signature of an ID-card;
  4. ID cards and readers;
  5. National Automated Information System (NAIS).
  6. The hardware and software complex of the National Public Key Infrastructure for Machine Readable Travel Documents for interaction with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which should simplify the process of identifying citizens of the Republic of Belarus when leaving the country.

More information about BISES can be found here.

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