Государственный комитет по имуществу Республики Беларусь State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

Organization of owner supervision

is a system of measures aimed at implementing the procedure established by law for state participation in the management of business entities, all or part of the shares (shares in statutory funds) of which are owned by the Republic of Belarus.

The State Property Committee on behalf of the owner exercises possession and disposal of shares belonging to the Republic of Belarus, transfers them to the management of other republican government bodies, other state organizations subordinate to the Government of the Republic of Belarus on a sectoral basis. The specified state bodies and organizations appoint representatives of the state to business companies and exercise proprietary supervision. Participation in the management of business entities is carried out through representatives of the state in their management bodies - the general meeting of participants and the board of directors (supervisory board).

The State Committee on Property  provides methodological guidance to the activities of state representatives, controls the execution by the sectoral bodies exercising owner's supervision of their responsibilities to manage state-owned shares (stakes in statutory funds) of business entities, and implements other functions in the field of owner supervision in accordance with the law.

The powers of the State Committee on Property and the sectoral bodies that exercise proprietary supervision to ensure participation in the management of business associations are determined by a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.