Государственный комитет по имуществу Республики Беларусь State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

The State Committee on Property discussed the upcoming visit to Belarus of the Chairman of the Committee for Control and Management of State Property under the State Council of the People's Republic of China (SASAC) Xiao Yaqing

The visit of the head of the Committee for Control and Management of State Property of China and the business circles of the People's Republic of China to Belarus is scheduled for the end of July 2017 and is organized within the framework of the agreements reached between the Heads of State on February 16, 2017. The purpose of the visit is to stimulate cooperation between Belarusian and Chinese enterprises. 

The Belarusian and Chinese sides noted that a lot of joint work is to be done and expressed confidence in its success. Both Andrey Gaev and Hu Zheng stressed that the heads of state created the entire political and legal platform for the development of relations between Belarus and China. The goal of the Framework Agreement concluded between the State Committee on Property of the two countries is to move to concrete contacts between Belarusian and Chinese enterprises, and these relations between business entities should develop more intensively. 

At the moment, the Chinese party is considering a pilot list of Belarusian organizations with the preliminary conditions for the entry of Chinese investors into their share capital. The list includes 20 joint-stock companies, 2 republican unitary enterprises and an investment project for the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Western Dvina River. This list of enterprises (list) was submitted for consideration to the central and local state enterprises of China and the first results of work are already visible, - was noted at today's meeting. 

The Chinese Zongsheng Corporation shows interest in Gomselmash and May 14, 2017 in Beijing, negotiations were held between the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus and the chief investment officer of the Chinese company. As a result of negotiations, the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the People's Republic of China sent materials submitted by the Zongshen Corporation to the Ministry of Industry. Currently, the Ministry of Industry and JSC Gomselmash are working to determine the terms of cooperation. Also, a draft decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus "On the transformation of the republican unitary enterprise" was drafted, providing for the transformation of RUE "Order of the Red Banner of Labor" Institute "Belgosproekt" in 2017 into an open joint-stock company founded by the Republic of Belarus and Beijing JianYi Invesment Development (Group) Co.Ltd (People's Republic of China). The Draft Decree of the Head of State has already been sent to the Belarusian government for consideration. 

In addition, presentation information is sent to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for consideration and study of the possibility of joining the Belarusian bank of OJSC Bank Moscow-Minsk. 

It was noted at the meeting: the work on the entry of Chinese investors into the share capital of the Belarusian organizations included in the pilot list will be continued. At the same time, the head of the Chinese delegation also expressed the wish to intensify the work with Belarusian ministries on the possibility of Belarusian enterprises joining the number of residents of the Great Industrial Park of China. Their number, according to Hu Zheng, at this stage may be 3-5 enterprises.According to the Chairman of the State Committee on Property Andrey Gaev, PROMSVYAZ OJSC (Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus) and OAO Minsk Heating Equipment Plant are among the participants included in the pilot list for cooperation with Chinese partners and entry into the China-Belarus Industrial Park. (Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus).

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