State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany positively assess the level of geoinformation resources of the State Property Committee and the cadastral valuation system in Belarus

Today, the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus held a meeting with a delegation from Germany, which included representatives of the German Ministry of Finance and representatives of the German Society on management and realization of lands (BVVG) and the German society of the international cooperation (GIZ). 
The vice-presidents of the State Property Committee - Alexander Litreyev and Vyacheslav Abramov, the General Director of the National Cadastre Agency of the State Property Committee - Andrei Filipenko, the Chief Engineer of the Project Institute "Belgiprozem" - Nikolai Bober, the heads of the structural units of the Committee were representatives of the Belarus Party at this meeting. 

The issue of possible exchange of experience in the field of property relations and land management was discussed at the meeting. Guests were in detail told about history of creation and formation of the State Property Committee as republican state body, its functions, activities of the enterprises entering in its system, the electronic geoinformation resources and systems developed in system of the State Property Committee. 

The representative of the Ministry of Finance of Germany, Hall Jacob, who heads the German group of experts, noted that her colleagues and she "are very glad to such opportunity to examine in detail activity of the Belarus department and to obtain more information than they expected". 

According to the program of today's visit of representatives of the German delegation to the State Property Committee, after the meeting and negotiations in Committee guests visited several enterprises entering its system: State Unitary Enterprise "National Cadastral Agency" (NCA) and UE "Project Institute" Belgiprozem ". 

In particular, NCA presented a number of Web resources to their attention of guest. One of them is the register of cost of lands and land plots of the state land registry which contains the data on cadastral costs of the land plots of Republic of Belarus received during their cadastral assessment and represents a single base for the whole territory of the country, allowing to provide information in open access on the cadastral the value of land used for various purposes of the general public. 

Interactive communication of the Value Register with other information resources of the state land cadastre (the unified state register of real estate, rights to it and transactions with it, the address register) allows not only to use up-to-date information on the characteristics and description of the investigated registered objects, but also to receive feedback from users about possible inaccuracies. Rapid response and joint interaction with territorial agencies allows to increase the integrity of these information resources. 

The members of the delegation also got acquainted with the Unified Information Base of unused state property intended for sale and leasing. 

The given resource of the state real estate for sale and rent is placed on the official site of the department. A single database allows you to search for objects at their location (region, district, village council, settlement), the total area, as well as the date of the auction in case of its appointment. The advantage of using the resources of the Single Base is that this database contains complete information on unused state property in the Republic of Belarus and allows interested parties to promptly search for and select the objects of interest for acquisition or lease. 

In addition, the presentation of the results of the pilot project on cadastral (mass) appraisal of real estate objects, which was held in Kobrinsky district of Brest region and Sovetsky district 

of Minsk, caused great interest among German guests. As the General Director of the NCA, Andrei Filipenko, noted, during the implementation of the project, it was possible to achieve high accuracy in calculations comparable to those containing opinions on the individual assessment (the origin was only 5-15%).

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