State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

Representatives of the Belarusian professional assessment community, together with their fellow assessors of the Eastern Partnership countries, will get acquainted with the European experience in providing services for independent evaluatio

On May 25-27, 2017 in Odessa (Ukraine), with the participation of the delegation of the European Group of Appraisers Associations TEGoVA, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEGoVA Krzysztof Grzesik, will be the International Evaluation Conference "Days of TEGoVA in Ukraine"
The purpose of the conference is to familiarize the professional community with the quality standards and the values ​​of TEGoVA membership. "The Days of TEGoVA in Ukraine" will be visited by the Chairman of the Association of Appraisal Organizations Svetlana Yurenia and Member of the Board of the Association, Director General of the Republican Institute of Real Estate and Appraisal of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Klimchuk. 

The European Group of Valuers Associations TEGoVA  today unites 63 national associations of appraisers of 34 countries and 70,000 appraisers. Members of TEGoVA are also the Canada Assessment Institute, the United States Institute of Evaluation, the United Arab Emirates Land Department. From the professional communities of the countries of the former Soviet Union, TEGoVA members are already: the Latvian and Lithuanian Association of Property Appraisers, as well as the partners of our Association - the Society of Independent Appraisers of Georgia and the Russian Society of Appraisers. 

As Svetlana Yurenya noted, the wide membership of appraisal communities of different countries speaks about the international importance of TEGoVA and its important role in shaping the global policy in the field of appraisal activity. The main efforts of TEGoVA are focused on the development and dissemination of unified international standards for valuation activities, giving them the status of pan-European normative documents. Of course, these trends can not but be of interest to the national appraisal community of the Republic of Belarus. 

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