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Belarus ranks the fifth place in the Property Registration indicator of Doing Business rating. In general, according to the results of the current World Bank study, the Republic of Belarus took the 38th position among the 190 participating countries.

In total, ten indicators were analyzed in the "Doing Business - 2018" report, as BELTA reports. The spheres of business activity were studied, among those are “Construction Permits” – 22nd place ( 28th place in the report of 2017), “Property Registration” – 5th place (5th), "Taxation" – 96th (99th), "Resolving Insolvency" – 68th place (69th).

According to a similar report, which was published in October last year, the country was ranked 37th place. . "In comparison with last year, the change is not very large - a decrease by one position. This decline is due to the fact that other countries have carried out more active reform work. In this year we note only one reform in Belarus - on obtaining loans", said the co-author of the report. At the same time, she noted that over the past year there have been no significant changes in the rating methodology.

Valentina Saltan drew attention to the fact that the pace of reforms slightly decreased in Belarus. "At the same time, Belarus was ranked the 106th out of 150 countries in 2006, and now the country is on the 38th place - this is a very good indicator", said the expert. Besides, four significant reforms for business were taken into account in the report of the last year.

In addition, the spheres of business activity were analyzed in the "Doing Business - 2018" report, among those are “Construction Permits” – 22nd place (28th place in the report of 2017), “Property Registration” – 5th place (5th), "Taxation" – 96th (99th), "Resolving Insolvency" – 68th place (69th). In total ten indicators were analyzed. "In this year, the data remained virtually unchanged for all of these indicators. I can note that Belarus has a very good position on Property Registration - the 5th place out of 190 countries”, said the expert. “Based on our data, only two procedures are necessary to register property in Belarus, so   registration can be done during two days. Moreover, it will be not expensive.” Valentina Saltan also noted good results of Belarus on “Construction Permits” indicator. "The country is on the 22nd place. The private sector often complains about this indicator. In order to obtain “Construction Permits”, one has to go through 16 procedures in Belarus, and this can be done in 115 days. In comparison with the average in the regions of Europe and Central Asia, there it is 168 days”, said she.

New Zealand has remained the leader in the global ranking of countries with the most favorable conditions for business. Singapore has still second position, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China), the United States, Great Britain, Norway, Georgia and Sweden are following futher.
By the way, Georgia holds the highest place among the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is in the 9the place. Also Georgia has conducted 47 reforms over the past 15 years. The following are Estonia (12th), Lithuania (16th), Latvia (19th) and Poland (27th), Russia (35th), Kazakhstan (36th), Uzbekistan (74th), Ukraine (76th), Kyrgyzstan (77th), Tajikistan (123rd).

Valentina Saltan noted that the rating of Doing Business is quite simple and it has a understandable methodology. As the result, countries and governments can very simply calculate and see how they can change their business environment. And it’s not only to grow in the rating, but to actually improve the environment for doing business in the country. And this leads to economic growth, investment, creation of new jobs", said the expert. In addition, the indicators of the study provide an actual view of the economic situation in the country. In general, the countries of Europe and Central Asia carried out 44 reforms last year, which are favorable for business, according to data for 15 year the total number of reforms was 673 in this region.

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