State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus Государственный комитет по имуществу

At the International specialized exhibition "Belagro-2017" enterprises of the State Committee on Property - Project Institute "Belgiprozem" and "BelPSHAGI" together with partners presented the possibilities of the technology of precision agriculture in Belarus

The exhibition "Belagro-2017" is held from 6 to 10 June 2017 in the trade and logistics center "Globus Park" in the agro-town of Shchomyslitsa, Minsk region. 
About 500 companies from 25 countries take part in Belagro-2017, including Belarus, Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Separate expositions are enterprises of Moldova, Germany, Georgia, Czechia, Poland. 

The program of the exhibition includes conferences, presentations, master classes, etc. Today within the framework of the events of "Belagro-2017" the representatives of the State CommitteeProperty took part in a seminar where, together with partners, they presented the possibilities of the technology of precision agriculture in Belarus, and presented a number of geoinformation resources, without which Today the work of modern agrarians is unthinkable. 

In Belarus, conditions for active introduction and development of resource-saving technologies in agriculture have been created for today. 

Precise farming is the management of the productivity of crops, taking into account the in-field variability of the plant habitat. The purpose of such a management is to obtain maximum profit on condition of optimizing agricultural production and saving economic and natural resources. 

Continuous precision precision navigation field in real time, gives the user the opportunity to optimally control every square meter of the field with the help of the Belarusian Satellite Precision Positioning System (BSPPS). 

As international experience shows, accurate farming provides a much greater economic effect and opens up real opportunities for producing quality products and preserving the environment. 

In Belarus, starting in 2014, a number of farms have already estimated the commercial benefits of implementing accurate farming using the corrective amendments of the BSPPS (determining the coordinates at a given point with a high accuracy of 1-2 cm in real time and repeatability). 

For example, to "not overfeed" the land and plants with expensive pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other agrochemicals. Performing technical operations such as spraying, spreading of fertilizers requires strict accuracy, sometimes in centimeters. 

Equipped with a special, with the elements of navigation automatic control, up to the system of "autopilot", the technique makes it possible to work in the fields at any time of the day and with reduced visibility, thus saving not only material but human resources.

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